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[*]I don't ever think the love itself is the problem. It's knowing what to do with it that people suck at.
[****]Maybe we should come up with some strategies on deploying the weapon of love. .. some biofuckfare? .. biocardiofare?
[*]...hai, perhaps. any suggestions?
[****]Blasé. The .. the art of Blasé .. Like in the Blingin' Superfly way. Being blasé about love fools the enemy into thinking you know everything about it, yeah?

.. wait .. lover .. not enemy .. .... 'loved one'.
[*]Sometimes, I think they're one and the same. Though usually not in my case. That's the same problem, though, just with a different mask. Acting like what one isn't. Putting on a puppet show.
[****] .. you suggest something.
[*]....wouldn't it just be nice if honesty worked the way it was supposed to?
[****]Like unclogging the toilet when your shit overloads the bank instead of fleeing the scene of the crime?
[*]Yeah, something like that. Like taking the trash out. Or like not having the feeling like you make a choice between being honest and miserable -- or pretending and miserable. What sort of shit is that for a choice, anyway?
[****].. I'm not accepting no pretense, no, not in this company ... The militia's about the fucking truth. Everyone hit's gonna be hit with the truth.
[*]I guess it's a good place to start. There are worse things to be hit with.
[****].. hai. Let's promise. Truth or nothing. Daijobu.
[*]Hai. Truth or nothing. An honor code.

Truth, or nothing.

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